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Unable to open a file on Windows?




Rate this App Search will solve all your problems if you need to figure out the format of your files and the program you must to open them.

This tool has been designed to help provide you with all the information regarding the extension for any given file. You just have to type the file format into the search bar of the program and Search will take you to a website that displays all of the applications that can be used for that particular file extension, a description about them, and the programs that can be used to open, play, or start them.

What is the extension? Basically they are the letters that appear at the end of any file name and identify the format and programs with which they are compatible. Normally, the extension is two or three characters that come after the dot that is placed at the end of all file names. Search has a huge database with several different file extensions that will show you the type of file, a detailed description, and a list of programs that can be used to open, view, edit, convert, and play that file type.
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